Mr. N.S.BRAR is also the cofounder of Go Holidays. He is an MBA by education. With his creative problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking mindset, he has resolved critical issues and always thrived in the fast-paced challenging environments with multiple priorities. His interpersonal communication skills and leadership qualities have helped him gain top positions in corporate. With proven skills to drive business growth, he has always helped corporates gain profits and excel in their endeavors.

He always envisioned of using his skills, education and traits for the betterment of the society. He always felt that people are disheartened of not able to avail their holidays in spite of paying heavy sum for club membership. That is where he started with a novel concept of “Go Holidays “.

Jasbir Bagnan

Mr. Bagnan is the Cofounder and Director of Go Holidays. He is born and brought up in a cultured sikh family with inherited values. He is an enterprising professional with 20 + years of experience in recognizing companies like Pipapav ports, MRF and many more. During the tenure of his hallmarked career, he has tasted measurable success in attaining business targets through focused efficiency and passion. He was associated with MRF., in mumbai as a Manager His sincerity and hard work, passion for learning and innovativeness, made him one of the best Manager in Pan India. He has known over the years for building magnificent branches, formulating business development strategies, and profitable organizations. His strong expertise lies in hospitality sectors, Real Estate and Retail Consultancy companies helped organizations optimize sales strategy and align objectives to accelerate revenue in India.
Over the years, Mr. Bagnan has been recognized as a key professional in translating strategies into actionable operating plans, driving efficiency, organizational objectives, establishing operational excellence and executing prestigious projects. He always remained quality focused and productive. His mental toughness & determination is simply admirable. His dreams arcs over the sky. He has always been a “philanthropist”. With a vision of transforming his vast experience, expertise and endless love for travelling to the common mass of India, he started with a company called “Go Holidays”.

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