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Membership with Go Holidays

    A membership is your gateway to year on year of tension-free holidays filled with cheerful and incredible memories for life.
  • You get guaranteed 7 days of holidays every year, for 10,15,25 years
  • You get a membership for a family of 4 (2 adults +2 children)
  • You have a choice to choose your favorite destinations in India and abroad
  • 7 days’ holiday can be split into 2 or even 3 holidays throughout the year
  • You can enjoy well maintained rooms, amenities and activities at every destination in 4 to 5 star hotels or resorts.


  • Guaranteed Booking: Go holidays is a pioneer, leisure, hospitality company in the world which provides guaranteed booking. If by any chance, we are not able to provide you accommodation at your convenient time, we shall return you double the amount of money of that particular year.
  • No need to pick up the season: With Go holidays, no color coded season or color coded members …for us all members are equal We have no bifurcation of any season, like red, green or white, blue, etc. We treat all our members with the same respect and dignity. You can travel anytime of the year and need not worry about any seasonal colors. Just check availability of your family members and enjoy the moments in your favorite exotic locations.
  • No Annual maintenance fees(AMC): Are you tired of paying AMC year on year in your club membership without actually utilizing your holidays??? With Go holidays, you need not worry to remember the dates of paying AMC neither shell out every year on your AMC. Save on your money to enjoy your holidays!!!!Spend that money in scuba diving in Andaman or para sailing on the beach of Goa. Once enrolled with us as a member, then there is no cost involved. Sit back and relax…
  • Guaranteed availability of accommodation: We understand the pain that a family goes through when they are all set for a holiday and on logging on the club’s website: read ALL ROOMs SOLD OUT, TRY AN ALTERNATE DATE OR A ALTERNATE LOCATION… The morale as well as enthusiasm for a holiday is crushed into pieces. With GO holiday, you will not face this problem anymore. You can travel anytime of the year in any resort or hotel of your choice and we promise that it is vacant for you and your family.
  • No loss of holidays: How would you feel if your club calls you to remind you of your pending holidays instead of you following the club for your holidays? Sounds wonderful? Yes, we care for you and our executives shall call you up to remind you of your holidays in case you missed booking your holidays in that particular year. No lapse of holidays with Go holidays.
  • Double cash receipt in case of missed holiday: In case you are not able to utilize your holidays in a particular year, you shall receive double the money of that particular year.
  • No utility charge in resorts: Go holidays will not charge a single rupee while you relax in the resorts or hotels.
  • Complimentary breakfast: You are entitled to a complementary buffet breakfast at all our resorts and hotels on all days of your stay.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: You will have the privilege to stay in 4 star and 5 star hotels in all locations across India and the world.

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